A lot has changed since Dr. A.J. Donogh started our dental office in Manteca in 1925. Dr Lloyd L. Henry took over Dr. Donogh's dental practice in May of 1931. Dr Henry moved our Manteca dental practice to the corner of Yosemite Ave and Main Street. Back then, that was also the intersection of Highway 99 and Highway 120. He shared office space with Manteca’s Judge – Manteca was a lot smaller in those days! One of the original chairs can be viewed at Manteca’s Historical Museum.

In 1955, Dr Henry and his wife Winifred moved to our current location at 132 Sycamore Ave — and they were both deeply involved in the community. Mrs Henry, who co-founded Manteca’s Garden Club, tended her famous Rose Garden there from the 1950s until her demise circa 2000. Both Dr and Mrs Henry were both involved in Manteca's public library. Mrs Henry was an original founder of Manteca’s Friends of the Library group. Dr Henry was chair of the committee that got the current Manteca library built back in 1962.

Well-known and respected as a local dentist for almost 50 years, Dr. Henry faithfully served his patients through good times and bad. During the depression years, his services were often paid with livestock and farm products. He very quietly, without fanfare, took care of so many needy patients. 

Dr Henry’s son, Dr Chip Henry, took over the practice in 1980 until 1994. From 1994 to 2015, Dr Ricardo Cuevas and his wife Richa became fixtures in the Manteca community. They volunteered countless hours through Manteca’s Rotary Club, the Boys and Girls Club, Manteca Chamber of Commerce, and the San Joaquin Dental Society.

90 years later, we are now on our 5th generation of doctors. Today’s dentistry is a lot different than it was in the 1920s and 30s — but our values remain the same.

Dr Mas’ood Cajee, Dr Nabeel Cajee and our team are committed to state-of-the-art dental care, quality, comfort and to the community.

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